Hi! I’m Elise, a Senior Product Designer with over a decade of experience crafting delightful and meaningful experiences online.

I’m a designer who can code, specialising in digital products and services of all shapes and sizes.

I love the intersection between design and engineering, and love making expressive and creative experiences, tied together with components and systems that make it really quick to prototype and test assumptions.

My skills are all rooted in human-centred design, driven by data. I specialise mostly in web design and development, style guides and design systems.

Outside of work, you’ll probably find me tinkering with wood and acrylic in my Tiny Workshop (a tiny storage room in my apartment turned workshop), 3d printing at my local FabLab, or messing around with mechanical keyboards while listening to 90s mashups.

A photo of me and my sister, posing in front of an old CRT monitor which is displaying Elise's Rugrats Page
My sister and I, posing for a local newspaper article about Elise's Rugrats Page

✨ My origin story

While I’ve been making websites and online experiences for over a decade professionally, I’ve been building websites and online communities since I was 9.

It started with Elise’s Rugrats Page, an award-winning site my sister and I created in the early days of the internet. My sisters and I then built Matmice in 2000, a free homepage builder for kids. We helped 1.7 million kids create their own corner of the internet.

After graduating university, I’ve since helped countless startups and small businesses achieve their business goals, helping them to raise over €100M in funding.

Most recently, I worked at Rasa, who are building tools for developers and practitioners to implement conversational AI. I joined as the first designer, and helped take the company through a Series A and B. As of 2022, 20 million developers had downloaded Rasa.

A sparkly star

I’m pretty good at what I do — just ask my Mum! Or better yet... check out my portfolio.

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